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Get fighting fit online! It’s more important than ever to keep moving, keep motivated and keep connected. Join us for classes every day. You’ll find a community of like minded people – no egos allowed. We take care of each other. Get fit, feel good and find your community.

Krav Maga originates from the Israeli Defence Force. It is a modern tactical martial art system founded on principles of instinctive movements, and practical techniques.

You’ll learn skills for life and get fit while doing it. Krav Maga is proven to be highly effective for defending yourself in some of the most dangerous environments around the world. Anyone can learn the techniques to keep yourself and your family safe.

Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defence system. Unlike other martial arts, its modern and always evolving to fit with new challenges. Feel empowered with life-skills to defend yourself in any situation.

Women’s Self Defence

We help women find their voice. Don’t wait until after something happens to learn how to defend yourself. Be prepared, know how to escape a situation, fight off an attacker and defend yourself.

Kids and Teens

Self-defence and fitness! We teach kids how to get fit, master self-discipline and anti-bullying techniques. Krav Maga helps kids and teens build confidence as well as learning skills for life.

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What Makes Us Different?

We are more than just a martial arts gym. We believe in building a community, a safe space and focusing on situational learning. This means you develop confidence and make friends while learning new skills that could one day save your life.

Taught by the highest-ranked Krav Maga instructor in Australia, X Fighting is unlike any other martial arts gym. We combine kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, self-defence, confidence psychology, situational awareness and Judo skills to make you a weapon.

Get one on one attention in our small classes. Feel fitter with high-intensity interval drills throughout every class. These days there is no need to leave your home to play casino games. You can simply open Google or another browser and find an online casino. Internet casinos offer a great number of games including online pokies, Australia no deposit bonus games. you will get non-stop entertainment and comprehensive gambling experience. You’ll learn new skills and lose weight too. We teach you how to recognise danger signs, respond to the physical and mental stress of an attack and how to avoid unnecessary risks.

Trust us to feel fitter, empowered, confident all in a safe environment with expert teachers to guide you.


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The X Fighting Experience


  • Fitness drills in every session
  • Learn new martial arts techniques.
  • For people who hate counting reps.
  • We are not a gym.


  • Learn new techniques in every session
  • Feel empowered; find your voice and know how to stand up for yourself
  • We tailor each class so everyone’s included; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students.


  • Know what to do, in case the worst happens.
  • Upskill with mixed martial arts techniques and strategies
  • Learn how to think and react like a fighter


  • We’re a small community of likeminded people.
  • No ego’s allowed.
  • We don’t tolerate d*ckheads.
  • We train together, hang out together and play together.



Head Instructor

Saar Markovitch is the highest ranked officer teaching Krav Maga in Australia. There is no one better to learn Krav Maga with. Saar has taught Krav Maga for over 12 years. He is a master at striking, reaction, speed, precision and technique. He has an independent knowledge of Krav Maga, fitness and martial arts.

My focus today is sharing that accumulated self-defence knowledge with the right people, with people who look to defend themselves and protect the people around them.” – Saar Markovitch

What Our Students Say


Don’t just listen to us. Here’s what our students say about X Fighting.

It’s always good to be challenged and you guys never fail to deliver. The Krav Maga experience with X Fighting has been awesome and I’d recommend them to anyone!

– Luke S., Randwick

I started with no experience in self-defence or working out – from the moment I joined I felt welcome at my entry level, and there’s a really strong sense of community from Saar and the team at X Fighting. Since starting Krav Maga I’ve felt stronger, fitter, and have made amazing friends along the way.

– Stacey T., Bondi Beach

Amazing! Saar is a fantastic trainer and great at getting everyone into the mindset, even on tough days. Would recommend X Fighting to everyone!

– Jonathan C., Bondi Junction

Contact Us

Get in touch with X Fighting to request more information or sign up as a member of our gym.


0411 845 464


416-418 Oxford Street,
Bondi Junction NSW,