X Fighting

Sydney's top Krav Maga and Self-Defence gym.


You’ll find a community of like minded people. We take care of each other. Get fit, feel strong and find your community.

Krav Maga originates from the Israeli Defence Force. It is a modern tactical martial art system founded on principles of instinctive movements, and practical techniques.

You’ll learn skills for life and get fit while doing it. Krav Maga is proven to be highly effective for defending yourself in some of the most dangerous environments around the world. Anyone can learn the techniques to keep yourself and your family safe

What We Offer:


Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defence system. Unlike other martial arts, its modern and always evolving to fit with new challenges. Feel empowered with life-skills to defend yourself in any situation.


It’s group fitness for the individual. APEX is our flagship fitness class that combines a carefully crafted boxing-inspired and functional strength workout with our exclusive shock-absorbing aqua bags. You’ll work your entire body as you punch, lift, squat, crunch and sweat your way through our empowering, high-paced, multi round workouts that offer HIIT  benefits.




Women’s Self Defence

We help women find their voice. Don’t wait until after something happens to learn how to defend yourself. Be prepared, know how to escape a situation, fight off an attacker and defend yourself.

Kids and Teens

Self-defence and fitness! We teach kids how to get fit, master self-discipline and anti-bullying techniques. Krav Maga helps kids and teens build confidence as well as learning skills for life.



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416-418 Oxford Street,
Bondi Junction NSW,
Australia, 2022