X Fighting is now hosting women’s only self-defence workshops! We believe every woman deserves to be empowered, to have strength and dignity, and to know she is valuable. Protect yourself, build valuable skills and make amazing new friends along the way.

About Unleashed

Our Unleashed program uses a holistic approach to developing confidence and empowering our female students – including building self-confidence, awareness, risk reduction and de-escalation skills as well as a range of physical self-defence tactics. Our aim is to prevent assault or attacks against women and build confidence in their ability to stay safe.

When women have opportunities to succeed, it creates positive impacts throughout their own lives and communities. We want to empower women around the world to make strategic, independent life choices with community-based training and workshops. Our focus is on empowering women to stand up for themselves and others, creating a community of women out there to change the world.

At X Fighting, we believe in the fight that matters. Krav Maga is a world-renowned self-defence system that constantly evolves to fit to the current times and empower people to be able to defend themselves.

Our workshops

Our Unleashed workshops also cover a number of typical, everyday self-defence scenarios that women may face. During our workshops, we explore:

  • The importance of strong communication and assertion
  • Using situational awareness as a preventative measure
  • Learning the tools to de-escalate potential threats
  • Learning fundamental close quarters self-defence techniques
  • Teaching our female students how to manage the fight or flight response and emotions that accompany high-stress confrontations
  • Providing the foundation for women to feel at ease with their own self-defence skills and sense of empowerment

Our instructors are with you every step of the way and modify an approach to suit your skill level. Our trainers are here to help you achieve any goal.

Our next Unleashed workshop will be on Sunday 17th of November 2019, 10.30am-12.30pm at our X Fighting gym in Bondi Junction.

Pricing for single workshop tickets is $55, or $80 for two people. You can book your spot at our next Unleashed workshop here:

About Krav Maga

Originally developed for use in the Israeli Defence Force, Krav Maga is a dynamic self-defence system that constantly evolves to fit to the current times and empower people to be able to defend themselves.

We promote safety for groups and individuals alike, utilising practical and effective techniques for real-world scenarios across any skill level.



About us

X Fighting was developed in 2018 by our lead instructor, Saar Markovitch. Saar has over 12 years’ experience in Krav Maga, having been drafted into the Israeli Army where he served as an Air Force Intelligence Officer.

Following his time in the service, Saar expanded his knowledge under the guidance of some of the discipline’s most respected masters – learning the importance of striking, reaction, speed, precision and technicality whilst developing an in-depth understanding of self-defence.


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