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Krav Maga at
Kehillat Kadimah

X Fighting is delighted to hold our exclusive Women’s Unleashed and Men’s Krav Maga Workshops for the Jewish community in Sydney. 

These workshops are hosted in Kehillat Kadimah synagogue, and are reserved to members of the Kehillat Kadimah community only.


Women’s Self Defence
at Kadimah

Our Unleashed program uses a holistic approach to empowering our female students – including building self-confidence, awareness, risk reduction and de-escalation skills as well as a range of physical self-defence tactics. 

Our aim is to prevent assault or attacks against women and build confidence in their ability to stay safe – on empowering women to stand up for themselves and others, creating a community of women out there to change the world.

Krav Maga
at Kadimah

Originating in the Israeli Defence Force, Krav Maga is a modern hybrid martial art built on simple principles, instinctive movements, and practical techniques. 

It’s designed to build upon and enhance your body’s natural reactions to any kind of physical attack – and to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. Krav Maga uses techniques that are based on instinct, awareness and reflexes, and this is what makes it so simple to learn.


Head Instructor

Our Head Instructor Saar Markovitch has 12 years’ tactical experience in Krav Maga, having been drafted into the Israeli Army where he served as an Air Force Intelligence Officer.

Following his time in the service, Saar expanded his knowledge under the guidance of some of the disciplines most respected masters; learning  the importance of striking, reaction, speed, precision and technicality whilst developing an in-depth understanding of Krav Maga.

“My focus today is sharing that accumulated self-defence knowledge with the right people, with people who look to defend themselves and protect the people around them.” – Saar Markovitch

Our Kids & Teens Classes

At X Fighting, we believe in kids getting a head start. Our kids (ages 9-12) and teens (ages 13-17) Krav Maga classes aim to instil a sense of respect, self-confidence, teamwork and co-ordination in our students.

We cover a range of topics in each class – including anti-bullying and conflict resolution skills, fostering self-discipline and concentration, learning to set and achieve goals, and boosting self-confidence. Partner and teamwork-driven self-defence styles like Krav Maga can also help foster social skills and active listening, as they get students to pair off and build their skills together.

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